CHARLES RIMLINGER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, DIRECTOR Mr. Charles Harlan Rimlinger has been instrumental in international marketing and development for the past decade prior to his appointment as CEO of Elite Data Services, Inc. ( “EDS”). Mr. Rimlinger has spent the majority of his professional career in marketing and development, serving as Director of International Development and Marketing for BendPak, Inc., a multi-national manufacturing Company headquartered in California. Prior to Mr. Rimlinger’s involvement with BendPak Inc., he served as general manager of RELS, Inc., a Wisconsin Company, assisting the Company in international marketing and engineering. Mr. Rimlinger’s professional achievements also include his role as chief executive officer of a construction Company and his development of three profitable patent licenses. SARAH MYERS, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, PRESIDENT, DIRECTOR Sarah Myers graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and graduated with a B.A. in English/Prelaw. Miss Myers continued her education at Nashville School of Law, graduating in 2012. While in law school, she began her career with SMA Alliance, as a co-founder in 2009. She focused primarily on project and technology management, graphic design, customer support, US Marketing and legal compliance. Since 2012, Miss Myers began working with Baker Myers & Associates, where she focuses on Project Management for IT related services. STEPHEN ANTOL, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Mr. Antol received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University in 1968, and received his license as a Certified Public Accountant in 1970. Mr. Antol has over 36 years of diversified experience in the field of corporate finance and administration, specializing in corporate audits, management and information systems, budget development and control, credit and collection procedures, profit sharing and benefit programs, corporate insurance programs, corporate restructuring and federal and state income taxes. Mr. Antol has served as Chief Financial Officer for El Capitan Precious Metals, Inc., NOVAHEAD Inc., Lou Register Furniture, Gold and Minerals Company, Inc., and has also served as Corporate Controller and Corporate Treasurer for Giant Industries Inc. DR. JAMES RICKETTS, PHD, CHAIRMAN, VP OF INVESTOR RELATIONS Dr. Ricketts has had a diverse career path spanning multiple areas, including education, government and the private sector. After college he entered the education field while still furthering his studies at the graduate level. While completing his doctorate, he held executive level positions in education. In the government capacity, he has held numerous administrative and management level posts which resulted in his being appointed to cabinet level positions in two states. In the private sector he conceptualized and designed a RF tracking system which he then applied for, and received, a patent for this technology. Ultimately he founded the resulting company, which developed, under his supervision from a patent level startup to the actual sales and marketing of the product. Dr. Ricketts has held positions as President and CEO and served on the Board of Directors of several public companies, first as a Director and then twice as Chairman of the Board.

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