Question: How does acquiring a casino license and resort property relate to the Company's technologies in the marketing and advertising sector?

Answer: Elite Data Services, Inc. is a Florida corporation whose technologies are geared towards the marketing and advertising of assets the Company owns and controls. Over the last year, the Company has spent significant research deciding its official direction and the Board of Directors agreed that our Roatan proposal would be in the best interest of the Company and its shareholders to pursue for several reasons. Firstly, the on-line advertising market in Roatan is an unsaturated with very little competition, giving the Company a significant advantage to complete its primary mission: generate long term revenues. Secondly, the Company wishes to grow its asset base with tangible value and the casino license and a resort property align with that goal. Thirdly, Roatan is in a pristine location, being a two and a half hour direct flight from Miami, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. Fourthly, the Company made strategic alliances with business owners on Roatan and have been working with them as we begin our marketing and advertising strategies.


Question: So the Company seeks to acquire assets that it feels to be the most marketable to advertise for long term revenues?

Answer: Yes


Question: Is the Company still engaged in the automotive sector?

Answer: Yes. The Company had to make a decision of where to focus its primary energies when it was offered the Roatan Proposal. The Board of Directors decided that the Roatan Proposal should be the Company's main focus, but the Company still owns ClassifiedRide and 51% of Autoglance, LLC and will work on continued development after it secures its milestones with the Roatan proposal.


Question: Does the Company solicit clients on a contract basis to do their marketing and advertising campaigns?

Answer: No, the Company does not solicit clients on a contract basis for marketing and advertising campaigns. This is a very significant variance between us and traditional marketing and advertising companies.


Question: If the Company was offered a marketing and advertising contract for a client, would the Company accept it?

Answer: This would depend on the services that were requested of the Company and the projected time frame and technologies hat the client requested. We take very great pride in our marketing campaigns and tailor each campaign with technology developed for its industry.


Question: What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Answer: Marketing is the systematic planning, evaluation and tailoring of products and/or services to create a mutual exchange between the buyer and seller. Advertising is a component of the end marketing process where you run campaigns to get the word out, so to speak, regarding the product and service that you aim to sell. You advertise when you have completed your marketing and branding image.


Question: Is the Company geared more towards marketing or advertising?

Answer: Both. However, the Company gears its technologies based on the promotion of advertisements based on the marketing completion.


Question: Why is the Company's name Elite Data Services?

Answer: The Company's name is reflective of the end process once we reach all of our milestones. The data acquired from our advertising technologies is crucial to the development of the long term business success. The end user and that information is being gathered and will be used to help the Company reach its long term revenues consistently year after year.

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